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sa1-2010 gita6: punta tempesta, da tolosano (28/03/2010)

By admin - Posted on 28 marzo 2010

Quota iniziale : 1502
Quota finale : 2679
Dislivello totale : 1177
Esposizione :
Difficolta' : MS
Localita' di partenza :
Regione :
Zona : Val Maira

once again, i am impressed by the instructors' ability (and luck) in finding excellent conditions - this time snow AND weather - when it seemed a very unlikely possibility. i was a bit skeptical about driving almost 4 hours to val maira, but in the end it couldn't have been more perfect.

we managed to do two fantastic trips, making it to the top both saturday and sunday, with fantastic snow on both descents. the landscape and views on sunday were stunning, making the long and boring road covered with old avalanche bodies worth it. in all, we did almost 2100m in two days - not bad!

the guest house was great, the owner was quite a character! and, despite guido's heartless attempts to sabotage alberto's and my vegetarian dinner, we had a yummy dinner and even got tofu!! i have never had tofu in an italian restaurant, and val maira is the last place i would have expected to find it. go figure.

i'm looking forward to our last trip all together - this time we all really deserve a blessing from the weather gods...